Happy New Year – 2018

Hi All,

Happy New Year for 2018! Exciting times are ahead.  But first, let’s take a re-cap of 2017.  There was the release of Delve – Book 2 on March 31st; I had a stall at the Brisbane Oz Comic Com in September; I met an amazing Marketing Mentor, Ocean Reeve; I composed and performed The Verge Trilogy theme song; created The Verge Trilogy trailer (which will be released soon) which also contains the theme song; and, submitted Quell – Book 3, the final book of the trilogy, to the publishers.

It is interesting when I get asked about the two main characters in the trilogy, Ashleigh and Emma.  The main question is usually how did I come about their appearance.  Well, in all honesty, in my head Ashleigh was modelled off Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Emma took the appearance of Selena Gomez.  So there you have it :). The music that inspired me throughout the writing process was Kings of Chaos, Guns n’ Roses, and Velvet Revolver.

It was certainly a busy year professionally and personally.  My two boys are growing up fast at the ages of 9 and 7, and they are definitely keeping me busy.

This year I will be at the Gold Coast Supanova in April, Brisbane Supanaova in November, and also the Brisbane Oz ComicCon (dates yet to be released).

I was hoping to undertake a new writing project this year, but due to a change in my available time, this project may need to be on hold.  But, I will keep you all posted regarding this 🙂

Please remember that if you have read any of my books, to please leave a review on Amazon.com, as I love reading all the reviews.  You can also leave a review on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/vergetrilogy.

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Happy Reading,

Rebecca xx


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